Applicants - Overview

Please be advised that the College bylaws were amended and brought into force on September 1, 2014.   

These amendments update and modernize the College’s bylaws. In particular, the amendments to Part 4 clarify the requirements for registration as a registered psychologist in British Columbia, and introduce new classes of associate psychologist (corrections) registration and psychology assistant registration. Discussions remain ongoing with regard to other possible limited classes.

New application forms are now available for download.  The College is also in the process of developing guiding documents to be used under the amended bylaws. Please monitor the website for these upcoming changes.

If you have any questions regarding the new bylaws or application related matters, please contact the College office by phone 604-736-6164, fax 604-736-6133 or regular mail and we will be pleased to assist.

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To regulate the profession of psychology in the public interest in accordance with the Health Professions Act of British Columbia by setting the standards for competent and ethical practice, promoting excellence and taking action when standards are not met.

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